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May 2017 Monday 1st thru 05/05/2017 Senior School Assessment Week two - Practical Exams
  Wednesday 3rd Yrs7-9 HPA Leatherhead Festival Performance of "Wacky Soap"
  Saturday 6th thru 07/05/2017 Duke of Edinburgh SILVER Booster Weekend (Sat 1:00pm - Sun 5:00pm)
  Friday 12th thru 14/05/2017 Duke of Edinburgh SILVER Practice Weekend (Fri 8:30am - Sun 5:00pm)
  Friday 12th All day Junior Trip to Oval for Surrey Schools Day
  Saturday 13th 10:30am Founders Day
  Monday 15th All day event Dan the Skipping Man
  Wednesday 17th 16.00 Food Committee Meeting
  Friday 19th From 7:00pm RAAS Drama Festival
  Friday 19th 1:50-3:35pm Yr7 Grandparents Day
  Saturday 20th thru 21/05/2017 Duke of Edinburgh BRONZE Practice Weekend (Sat 8:30am - Sun 5:00pm)
  Tuesday 23rd 1.00 - 3.15 pm Hobgoblin Theatre Company
  Wednesday 24th 5-8:00pm Yr7 Day Boarder Parents Evening
  Thursday 25th 1.30 - 3.00 pm Junior inter-house Swimming
  Friday 26th 2:30-4:30pm Yr7 Boarder Parents Evening
  Friday 26th 2.30pm Summer Half Term Begins
Jun 2017 Sunday 4th Boarders Return
  Monday 5th Start of Summer Term 2
  Tuesday 6th 08.30 - 15.35 Maths Puzzle Company
  Thursday 8th 19.00 - 20.30 GCSE & A Level Art Exhibition
  Saturday 10th 10:00am Junior Prize Giving held in Chapel
  Thursday 15th 6.00 pm Juniior Concert
  Friday 16th All Day Centre for Computing History Trip (GCSE Year10 & Yr 9 Students)
  Friday 16th From 7:00pm RAAS The Roof Comedy Show
  Saturday 17th 7.00 - 10.30pm Yr 11 Prom
  Saturday 17th thru 18/06/2017 Duke of Edinburgh BRONZE Assessment Weekend (Sat 8:30am - Sun 5:00pm)
  Monday 19th All Day Junior District Athletics
  Tuesday 20th All day ABRSM Music Exams - Chapel
  Wednesday 21st 16.00 Food Committee Meeting
  Wednesday 21st 18.00 - 19.30 Early Evening Concert behind Gatton Hall
  Friday 23rd All Day Big Orchestra Day - Reigate Baptist Church
  Friday 23rd All day SIxth Form Move Up Day
  Saturday 24th 09:00am-12:00pm Whole School Sports Day (all day)
  Monday 26th thru 29/06/2017 Duke of Edinburgh SILVER Assessment Weekend (Thu 4:00pm - Sun 5:00pm)
  Wednesday 28th From 7:00pm Yr8 Workshare Production
  Friday 30th thru 5/07/2017 Duke of Edinburgh GOLD Assessment Weekend (Fri 9:00am - Tue 5:00pm)
Jul 2017 Saturday 1st 9.00 - 12 Noon (all day) Reserve Sports Day
  Monday 3rd 6:00pm Induction Day Talk to be held in PAC
  Monday 3rd thru 06/07/2017 Yrs7-9 Explore Week
  Tuesday 4th Induction Day for new September starters
  Thursday 6th 2.30pm End of Summer Term 2017
  Friday 7th thru 17/07/2017 Yrs10-13 Netball Tour (Costs: Approx.1675 TBC)
  Monday 24th thru 05/08/2017 KS4/5 Rugby Tour **DATES TBC**
Sep 2017 Sunday 3rd Boarders Return
  Sunday 3rd 14.00-18.00 in Chapel Headmaster's Welcome Tea
  Monday 4th Start of Autumn Term 1
  Wednesday 6th 8:30-2:00pm Whole School / Sibling / Staff Photos
  Friday 8th All day Yr12 Induction Day
  Sunday 10th tbc Big School Curry for the ABF The Soldiers' Charity
  Saturday 23rd 09.00-10:30 Open Day for Prospective Pupils and Parents
Oct 2017 Saturday 7th thru to 08/10/2017 Malawi School Training Weekend
  Saturday 7th 09.00-10:30 Open Day for Prospective Pupils and Parents
  Thursday 12th 7.00-9.00pm Sixth Form Open Evening
  Friday 13th All day Evaluation of the Flood Defences at Gatwick Trip (Yr 9)
  Friday 20th thru to 21/10/2017 First World War Battlefields (Year 11)
  Friday 20th 2:30pm Autumn Half Term Begins
Nov 2017 Sunday 5th Boarders Return
  Monday 6th Start of Autumn Term 2
  Friday 10th thru 12/11/2017 Duke of Edinburgh Year 12 Expedition Training (Fri 4:00pm - Sun 5:00pm)
  Sunday 12th All day Yr 6 Scratch Youth Messiah Event at the Royal Albert Hall
Dec 2017 Monday 4th All day Yr7 Natural History Museum Trip
  Friday 8th tbc Whole School Christmas Show held in PAC
  Tuesday 12th 6-8.30pm Junior Boarder Christmas Dinner
  Wednesday 13th 6-9:00pm Yrs7-9 Boarder Christmas Dinner
  Wednesday 13th 1:30-3:00pm West End in Schools "Beauty and the Beast" held in PAC
  Thursday 14th 6-9:00pm Yrs10-11 Boarder Christmas Dinner
  Friday 15th 6-10:00pm Sixth Form Boarder Christmas Dinner
  Tuesday 19th 2:30pm End of Autumn Term 2017
Jan 2018 Sunday 7th Boarders Return
  Monday 8th Start of Spring Term 1
Feb 2018 Friday 9th 2:30pm Spring Half Term Begins
  Sunday 18th Boarders Return
  Monday 19th Start of Spring Term 2
  Tuesday 20th All Day Yr 11&12 Geography Trip - Worthing - tbc
  Thursday 22nd All Day Year 3 British Museum Trip
  Wednesday 28th thru to 03/03/2018 Year 8 Netherlands Trip
Mar 2018 Saturday 10th 09.00-10:30 Open Day for Prospective Pupils and Parents
  Saturday 10th thru to 11/03/2018 Malawi Outlook Training Weekend
  Thursday 15th 12 Noon Voice in a Million - (Yr 6 & 7) Wembley
  Wednesday 28th 2:30pm End of Spring Term 2018
  Wednesday 28th thru to 01/04/2018 Duke of Edinburgh Year 12 Practice Expedition (Fri 8.30am - Sun 5.00pm)
Apr 2018 Sunday 15th Boarders Return
  Monday 16th Start of Summer Term 1
May 2018 Friday 11th All day Year 10 GCSE Geography Fieldwork Day
  Saturday 12th 09.00-10:30 Open Day for Prospective Pupils and Parents
  Saturday 12th thru to 13/05/2018 Duke of Edinburgh Year 9 Expedition Practice (Sat 8.30am - Sun 5.00pm)
  Friday 25th 2:30pm Summer Half Term Begins
Jun 2018 Sunday 3rd Boarders Return
  Monday 4th Start of Summer Term 2
  Monday 11th thru to 15/06/2018 Year 6 Residential Trip to Isle of Wight
  Saturday 16th thru to 17/06/2018 Duke of Edinburgh Year 9 Expedition Assessment (Sat 8.30am - Sun 5.00pm)
  Monday 25th thru to 28/06/2018 Duke of Edinburgh Year 10 Expedition Assessment (Mon 4.00pm - Thurs 5.00pnm)
  Friday 29th 6.00 - 9.00pm Proms in the Park
  Saturday 30th thru to 05/07/2018 Duke of Edinburgh Year 12 Assessed Expedition (Sat 1.00pm - Thurs 1.00pm)
Jul 2018 Friday 6th 2:30pm End of Summer Term 2018