The boarding provision at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School defines the nature of the School and makes an exceptional contribution to the overall pastoral care and personal development of all our pupils.


Research indicates that boarding can play a major role in providing rich experiences to develop soft skills which are necessary for well rounded adults to live fulfilling and enriching lives. Boarding also has more immediate and tangible effects, raising the level of achievement in academic, sporting, musical, creative and dramatic fields.

Our boarding ethos is one which supports the achievement and welfare of the individual within the close-knit community of the boarding house.

Our Boarding Aims

For boarders at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School we aim to:

  • help to develop confidence, independence and team work;
  • develop and deepen supportive relationships between pupils, parents and staff;
  • develop a sense of community and belonging;
  • encourage respect for others and their property;
  • foster relationships with parents/carers/family of boarders;
  • provide an extensive range of activities and experiences and encourage pupils to engage fully with them;
  • provide opportunities to develop leadership roles and contribute to the wider community;
  • help develop good manners, personal organisation and self discipline;
  • provide an ethos of support, understanding and kindness where bullying and harassment are not tolerated;
  • be attentive and responsive to the wishes of pupils, involving them in decisions made about the boarding environment and practices;
  • provide levels of medical care, accommodation and pastoral care that complies with the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools and exceeds them wherever possible;
  • warmly welcome new boarders whenever they may join us, help them to settle into their new lives and understand the routines and customs of the School.