How to apply

Please use the links below to download the school application forms in Microsoft Word format and print on your computer. Please send completed applications to the address at the bottom of this page. Note: the school can not consider an application unless the school application form has been submitted.

If you are applying for a place to join Year 3 or Year 7 at the start of the Autumn term, please complete the application form on Surrey County Council's website.

More information about the allocation of places and how applications are prioritised can be found in the Admissions Policy page and in the Need for Flexi/Boarding page. 

Boarding Application (Year 3-11)
Please use this form, also known as a supplementary form, if you are applying for a Boarding Place. Whilst there are many priorities for admission to boarding, in practice, the majority of applications fall into the sixth priority.  In most cases, a timely application will ensure that a boarding bed is available to the applicant, provided the child is assessed as suitable for boarding. 

Download MS Word Document


Flexi Boarding Application (Year 3 and Year 7)
Please use this form, also known as a supplementary form, if you are applying for a Flexi Boarding place (Flexi Boarding is where pupils stay for the extended day and sleep in the boarding house 7-10 nights per year)

Download MS Word Document

Admissions to Year 7 for Flexi Boarding are coordinated by Surrey County Council. Applications for a place in September 2020, using the Surrey application form must be submitted by 31st October 2019. It is also necessary to complete the school application form (also known as a supplementary form). The same applies for admissions to Year 3 Flexi Boarding, but the deadline for Year 3 is 15th January 2020.


Flexi Boarding 'In Year' Application (Years 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10)
Please use this form, also known as a supplementary form, if you are applying for a Flexi Boarding place outside of the usual admission times i.e. applications that are not for an Autumn start in Year 3 or Year 7.

Download MS Word Document


Sixth Form Application
Please use this form to apply for a Sixth Form place.  

Download MS Word Document


If you wish to receive a printed copy by post please email or request an application form using our online enquiry form.


Submitting an application

Please send completed applications by post or email to the Admissions Officer. Contact details are:

The Admissions Officer
Royal Alexandra & Albert School
Gatton Park, Reigate
United Kingdom

Tel: (044) 01737 649 001
Fax: (044) 01737 649 002


 School Prospectus

To view our School prospectuses, please click on the links below:

Boarding Prospectus

Junior and Senior Prospectus

Sixth Form Prospectus