“The School provides a secure environment in which children and young people flourish, achieve academically, stretch their abilities and develop social skills” – Ofsted

This quote from the boarding inspection carried out by Ofsted in March 2018 sums up our School nicely. Ofsted went on to give an overall assessment of ‘Outstanding’.

When I joined this School in 2016 as Headmaster, there was no doubt in my mind that we were already an outstanding school. I knew this because pupils were friendly, warm and respectful. Pupils fully embraced the experience of being part of a boarding school, whether they were full boarders or local Flexi Boarders.

Another thing that struck me is that this School is truly a rarity, in that it is one of only a tiny number of state schools in the country which is a true boarding school - in the sense that boarders constitute a significant proportion of the whole School. There is a strong boarding ethos and we run a busy, vibrant co-curricular programme which offers over 140 activities to choose from every term. We firmly believe that education should be holistic and develop both a child’s academic ability and their character.

Our Sixth Form is an important part of the School. With 170 students in the Sixth Form, we’re small enough to care for each pupil but big enough to offer a diverse community of students from many different backgrounds. The Sixth Form focuses on leadership, achievement and aspiration, and aims to prepare pupils for the adult world. 

Sixth Formers continue to impress me with their attitude to learning. As a non-selective School we continue to achieve excellent results, both at A Level and GCSE, and achieve higher than the national average in key measures.

We continue to build on our pupils’ excellent qualities and my main aim for our School is to develop impressive individuals ready to flourish. This is a vision that is shared by all members of staff and we work with parents and pupils to achieve this.

I hope you are able to visit and see for yourself what makes this an outstanding school.

I look forward to meeting you.

Mark Dixon