Year 6 SATs

This year, Year 6 SATS did not take place. The results below are for the academic year 2018/19. 

The Year 6 SATs results published in the summer of 2019 show the positive progress achieved by pupils at Key Stage 2. The table below shows the percentage of pupils who achieved at or above the expected level in the key areas of the primary curriculum:

  % of pupils at or above expected level 
Reading 84% 
Mathematics 72%
Writing 86%

EGPS (English, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling)


65% of pupils achieved the expected standard or above in Reading, Writing and Maths, with 7% of pupils achieving a higher level of attainment in their combined Reading, Writing and Maths. 

The average scaled scores are calculated from pupils' raw score in each test. Children who achieve a score of 100 or above will have met the expected standard. The average scaled scores for Reading and Maths were: 

  • Reading: 104.3
  • Maths: 103.6

The average progress scores for Reading, Writing and Maths are the following:

  • Reading: +0.2
  • Writing: +0.5
  • Maths: -1.4

Year 11 GCSE

In the summer of 2020, 91% of GCSEs were graded 4-9. 

This outstanding achievement has seen the School reach higher than the usual national average in all key government measures, with pupils achieving the following:

  • Progress 8 score = 0.87. The national average is 0.00. Progress 8 data, which indicates academic progress, shows that, on average, pupils achieved nearly a grade higher than would be expected, in each of their subjects. 
  • Attainment 8 score = 55.09. This is an increase from 2018/19, and shows that pupils' average grade is a strong pass. 
  • 85% of pupils achieved a good pass of grade 4 and above in English and Maths, with 65% of pupils achieving a grade 5 and above.
  • This year, 27% of all GCSEs were graded 7/ A or above.
  • 41% of pupils entered the EBacc qualification, with 24% achieving a strong pass and 33% achieving a good pass. The average point score (EBacc APS) was 4.81

Sixth Form

50% of all A Levels taken in the summer of 2020 were graded A*-B. 

The Alps Quality Indicator Score shows the School's overall performance by measuring all student outcomes across all subjects and comparing students' prior attainment at GCSE.

The School's Alps IQ Score for 2019/20 is 2, meaning it is Outstanding. This places the School in the top 10% of schools and colleges nationally. 

Nearly a third of all students whose destination is known went on to study at a Russell Group University. Further details regarding destinations can be found below.

Destinations of Leavers 2020

School Performance Tables and Department for Education School Performance Tables