May 2015

Sunday 31st Boarders return

Jun 2015

Monday 1st Lessons begin

Jul 2015

Friday 3rd 2:30pm Summer Term Ends

Sep 2015

Wednesday 2nd Boarders Return
Thursday 3rd Start of Autumn1 2015 Term

Oct 2015

Friday 16th 2:30pm Autumn 2015 Half Term begins

Nov 2015

Sunday 1st Boarders Return
Monday 2nd Start of Autumn2 2015 Term

Dec 2015

Wednesday 16th 2:30pm End of Autumn 2015 Term

Jan 2016

Wednesday 6th Boarders Return
Thursday 7th Start of Spring1 2016 Term

Feb 2016

Friday 12th 2:30pm Spring 2016 Half Term begins
Sunday 21st Boarders Return
Monday 22nd Start of Spring2 2016 Term

Mar 2016

Thursday 24th 2:30pm End of Spring 2016 Term

Apr 2016

Monday 11th Boarders Return
Tuesday 12th Start of Summer1 2016 Term

May 2016

Friday 27th 2:30pm Summer 2016 Half Term begins

Jun 2016

Sunday 5th Boarders Return
Monday 6th Start of Summer2 2016 Term

Jul 2016

Friday 8th 2:30pm End of Summer Term 2016