Nov 2014

Sunday 2nd Boarders Return
Monday 3rd Lessons begin

Dec 2014

Wednesday 17th 2.30pm Autumn Term ends

Jan 2015

Tuesday 6th Boarders return
Wednesday 7th Lessons begin

Feb 2015

Friday 13th 2:30pm Half Term begins
Sunday 22nd Boarders return
Monday 23rd Lessons begin

Mar 2015

Thursday 26th 2:30pm Spring Term Ends

Apr 2015

Sunday 12th Boarders return
Monday 13th Lessons begin

May 2015

Friday 22nd 2:30pm Half Term begins
Sunday 31st Boarders return

Jun 2015

Monday 1st Lessons begin

Jul 2015

Friday 3rd 2:30pm Summer Term Ends

Sep 2015

Wednesday 2nd Boarders Return
Thursday 3rd Start of Autumn1 2015 Term

Oct 2015

Friday 16th 2:30pm Autumn 2015 Half Term begins

Nov 2015

Sunday 1st Boarders Return
Monday 2nd Start of Autumn2 2015 Term

Dec 2015

Wednesday 16th 2:30pm End of Autumn 2015 Term

Jan 2016

Wednesday 6th Boarders Return
Thursday 7th Start of Spring1 2016 Term

Feb 2016

Friday 12th 2:30pm Spring 2016 Half Term begins
Sunday 21st Boarders Return
Monday 22nd Start of Spring2 2016 Term

Mar 2016

Thursday 24th 2:30pm End of Spring 2016 Term

Apr 2016

Monday 11th Boarders Return
Tuesday 12th Start of Summer1 2016 Term

May 2016

Friday 27th 2:30pm Summer 2016 Half Term begins

Jun 2016

Sunday 5th Boarders Return
Monday 6th Start of Summer2 2016 Term

Jul 2016

Friday 8th 2:30pm End of Summer Term 2016