When it comes to admission to the School, we give higher priority to applicants who have a need for boarding or flexi boarding.  In order to establish the need for boarding or flexi boarding, we ask parents to explain the need, and to provide information from independent parties as evidence of this need.  The sort of information that can be provided includes letters/emails from:

  • Employers which provide details of the working pattern of the parent(s)
  • Doctors/medical professionals explaining why the parent has difficulty caring for the child
  • Social worker giving details of an unstable home environment
  • Child’s current school giving details of the impact of the home circumstances on the child
  • Any other independent third party (apart from family/friends) who knows about the home circumstances of the child

The Admissions Committee of the Governing Body will meet on the following dates in 2021/22: 14th October 2021, 6th January 2022, 22nd February 2022, and 26th May 2022 .

Applications for a higher priority must be received by 30th September (to be considered at the October meeting) or 30th November (to be considered at the January meeting). 

Details of the decisions made by the Admissions Committee will be sent out shortly after the meeting. 

If you have any questions about the need for boarding or flexi boarding please contact the Admissions Team