Careers Plan 2019-2020

The complete careers plan for the 2019-2020 academic year can be found here.

Personal Development and student tracking

Our Personal Development Programme uses software from Grofar. Starting in Year 7 and lasting until Year 11, pupils are guided through careers choices and have personal experiences at attending job fairs. They are exposed to possible outcomes to their career choices.

As pupils progress through Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9), they are guided on how to search for career interests, learn to write letters of application and develop their CVs. In Key Stage 4, Years 10 and 11, pupils are exposed to the skills of analysis needed to explore their career choices and the qualifications associated with particular careers.

Dedicated Independent Careers Advisors

We also provide independent careers advice to pupils through a company called ‘Prospects’. In Year 10, all pupils are invited to an individual careers interview, which sets up the discussions for their formal interview in Year 11. In some cases, these discussions with the careers advisor start in Year 9, where needed and when possible. In Year 11, students have dedicated sessions to discuss their next steps after secondary school. Time is given to discuss, explore and develop career ideas.

National Careers Events

The School arranges visits to national careers events that allow pupils to talk directly to, and make initial contact with, industry representatives. From 2019, the Year 9 will attend a local job fair organised by Surrey County Council. In Years 12 and 13, there is a robust weekly Lecture Programme which often focus on one of the following areas of interest: higher education, heneral employment and apprenticeships.

Explore Week and Year 10 Work Experience

Explore Week offers a change to classroom-based learning. In the last week of the academic year, pupils experience five days outside of the regular academic timetable to explore topics and subjects. Year 10 pupils have the opportunity to attend World of Work, which is an excellent experience provided by Thakeham Homes, the School's Enterprise Advisor. 

Pupils learn techniques to improve their CVs and interview skills directly from an experienced from the Head of Human Resources at Thakeham Homes. During Worl of Work, pupils have a variety of sessions with exceptional content that encourages practical application of skills needed in seeking, gaining and successfully receiving an offer of employment. 

There is also an opportunity for pupils to locate and secure their own work experience placement.  The School carefully vets each employer and job specification to ensure that each pupil receives the best experience of 'the real world’.

Measurement and Assessment of the impact of our Careers Programme

The impact of Royal Alexandra and Albert School’s Careers Programme is assessed by the Head of Careers using the following means:

  • Lesson observations within PSHE lessons as part of School Self Evaluation.
  • The introduction of and the regular review of information on Grofar.
  • Review of the School’s adherence to the Gatsby Benchmarks, undertaken in conjunction with the Enterprise Advisor (Thakeham Homes) and The Head of Careers.


Careers Contacts

Careers Lead:  Mr Scott Randolph (Head of Citizenship)

Independent Careers Advisor: Mrs Heidi Legg


The next review of this information will be September 2020.