Joe Curran Visiting Speaker - Documentary Film Maker
Saturday 16th November 2019

This week our Year 13 film students had a visiting speaker - Joe Curran. Joe is a documentary film maker and is in the middle of making a documentary called A Story of Bones. He spoke about the trials and tribulations of filmmaking as well as giving our students an insight into documentaries specifically.

Harry Potter Day
Friday 15th November 2019

Yesterday our Junior School pupils and staff have had a Harry Potter treat of a day! This included making wands, book marks, spell poetry, Diagon Alley maths, potions and experiments. They also had a special themed lunch and, to finish off the day, there was team games of Quidditch in the playground! What an exciting day for all!

Anti-Bullying Week - Odd Sock Day!
Tuesday 12th November 2019

This week we are raising awareness of Anti-Bullying and have a series of events and workshops planned for our students! Today is Odd Sock Day! The message behind this event is that we should embrace difference and celebrate it!

Remembrance Day
Monday 11th November 2019

We had two touching services this morning for Remembrance Day. Our pupils were fantastic and respectful throughout the commemorations.

Gatton Park
Friday 8th November 2019

Thank you to Gatton Boarding for this beautiful photo. How lucky are we that this is our school!

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