A Level Results
Thursday 13th August 2020

Happy Sixth Form students collecting their A Level results today

Wednesday 1st July 2020

The Royal Alexandra and Albert School has adopted the Boarding Schools’ Association COVID-SAFE Charter. This is a voluntary code that outlines measures to ensure that boarding is a safe environment for pupils. We follow the requirements of this Charter as we believe it outlines best practice for boarding schools. We will continue to carry out regular reviews of our procedures to remain compliant with changing Government guidelines.


Year 10 and Year 12 pupils in Gatton Hall
Monday 15th June 2020

Some of our Year 10 and Year 12 pupils returned to school today. It is great to have more of our pupils back in school and such a shame we can't have all our pupils back. One group of pupils is based in the Oak Room in Gatton Hall, a classroom that comes complete with a chandelier and a fireplace!

Year 6 Return
Monday 1st June 2020

Today, we've reopened to Year 6, as well as remaining open to vulnerable pupils and the children of key workers. Pupils have been allocated silos with a maximum of 15 pupils per silo. We are taking additional steps to help maintain social distancing throughout the school day but still give our pupils a positive learning experience!

Easter Extra Video
Tuesday 5th May 2020

During the Easter holidays, school was open for our pupils whose parents are key workers. Instead of school work, they had two weeks of enjoying fun activities around the park, including cycling, baking and playing with drums.

You can watch a video about it on our Youtube page

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