Jun 09 - More science at less cost to the environment

Friday 5th June marked the official opening of a new energy efficient science building at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School. The School has expanded its science facilities with the addition of two new science laboratories and a state-of-the-art science preparation room. The two new labs have multi-media projectors and sound systems that are capable of showing the 21st century presentations that teachers use to support their lessons.

The school’s existing science labs have been refurbished and all labs have been equipped with new mobile fume cupboards. With mobile fume cupboards teachers will be able to demonstrate experiments safely and in full view of the whole class.

Many schools do not offer separate sciences at GCSE but the Royal Alexandra and Albert School has been offering separate sciences (biology, physics and chemistry) to a limited number of pupils since 2006.

Headmaster, Paul Spencer Ellis says “With our expanded science facilities we will be able to triple the number of pupils who can take separate sciences at GCSE. As the school prepares for the introduction of a sixth form we have now put in place the capability to deliver specialist sciences at A level.”

He continues “Our new science block has energy saving features to reduce the impact on the environment. One of these is a ‘mono-draught’, a system for heating, cooling and ventilating the labs but only uses a fraction of the energy of a conventional air conditioning system. Lighting for the new block uses sensors that detect movement and natural light levels to determine whether the room is in use and whether the natural light is sufficient to illuminate the lab.”

The new science labs are in The John White teaching block which was officially opened on Friday 5th June by Crispin Blunt MP. Each new laboratory has been named in recognition of the generous donations made to the school with one being named the ‘Wolfson Laboratory’ and the other being named the ‘Turner Laboratory’. Following the opening of the teaching block Mr John Turner officially opened the Turner Laboratory.

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