Jun 09 - Making an egg salad - the RAA way

Chickens have arrived at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School. And with the chickens has come Chicken Club. Every weekday afternoon from 4-5pm pupils from the school join teacher Mr Greenhalgh to look after the 9 chickens and also to maintain the vegetable garden.

The chicken project has involved many pupils throughout the school. Year 10 and 11 pupils from the Countryside Management BTEC course have built the chicken run in the school’s orchard and pupils of all ages have signed up for the afternoon Chicken Club sessions. Chicken Club members help to feed the chickens, maintain the chicken run, collect the eggs and ensure the chickens remain healthy. They also manage the vegetable patch along with the Juniors from Year 4.

Mr Greenhalgh says “We aim to have an egg salad by July. We already get fresh eggs daily from the chickens and soon we will have all the ingredients including lettuce, tomatoes, beans, radishes and potatoes. The children really enjoy working with the plants and animals and it will be great for them to be able to eat the food they have produced. Bees, pigs and goats are already being planned for next year.”

All pupils (boarders and day boarders) at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School are expected to participate in an after school club each weekday. Chicken Club is one of the many on offer to pupils.

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