Dizzy Dahl Dilemma

For one Year 6 class World Book Day was a dizzying experience! The Royal Alexandra and Albert School Junior pupils took part in a fancy dress competition which proved to be something of an endurance test. Each class paraded in a circle as the three judges made the tough decision about who the winner was going to be. But it wasn’t as easy as it first appeared. For one class, the judges had such a difficult time choosing the winner, and took so long to decide, that everyone got very dizzy from parading.

The contest was part of World Book Day which encourages children to read. This year’s theme was Roald Dahl, and the Junior pupils had a blast choosing their costumes for the contest. Willy Wonka, Matilda, and Fantastic Mr Fox were some of the favourites, but there were some less obvious choices. Daniel Singleton, a Year 6 pupil, came as the Enormous Crocodile’s home. He creatively used camouflage cloth and netting to look like a crocodile’s habitat. Daniel remained in character for the fancy dress parade, and while the others paraded in a circle, Daniel lay on the floor to show how his costume worked.

There were eight overall winners, including an imaginative Wonka Bar made out of a cardboard box and painted purple and red, a shiny Golden Ticket which was twice the size of the small Year 4 girl wearing it, a peach from James and the Giant Peach, and two very orange Oompa Loompas with bright green hair. The peach, made out of two pieces of painted polystyrene and connected by two ribbons, was worn by Natasha Murray, Year 6 pupil, who was excited to have won. She said, “My mum and I made my costume together so I’m really happy I came first in my class.”

Mr Hobbs, Year 4 teacher, received the loudest applause from the pupils and so was selected as the winner of the staff costume contest. He said, “It was an enjoyable week. The children have learnt a lot and become very encouraged to have fun reading.” Literacy Coordinator Dionne Bradley agreed, “The children get very excited about World Book Day. Some couldn’t wait to read their Roald Dahl books and just decided to read them at home.”

07 March 2014

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