Gabriel’s Big Break

An enjoyable time was had by all at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School in Reigate on Friday when the Junior Department performed their Christmas play. It was really special as all the children were involved, whether they were in the choir, narrating or performing on the stage.

‘Gabriel’s Big Break’ told the story of how a young angel, Gabriel, got his ‘big break’, when he was given a list of extra special jobs to do for God, after two of the older angels weren’t able to do them because they were unwell.

Gabriel’s first job was to visit Mary, telling her God had chosen her to have his baby and she was to call him Jesus. Gabriel told her that Jesus would grow to be a wonderful man and bring a message of peace and love to the world. The nativity story unfolded with a series of other jobs Gabriel had been trusted with. These included him commanding the stars in heaven to shine brightly, asking one particular star to move across the sky and settle over Bethlehem so that he could direct the Shepherds to Jesus and the Wise Men could follow the star to find the new born King.

This was a classic nativity play with the added dimension of Gabriel’s story. Much of the story telling was carried out in song as the events of the nativity unfolded. Gabriel proved himself worthy of the trust shown in him and a big celebration was held, with all the children joining in.

“It’s wonderful that all the Junior children have been involved in this production. The level of performance, narration and singing was very high and the audience really enjoyed the show” said Dionne Bradley, the junior teacher who directed the play; “The weeks spent rehearsing have all been worthwhile.”
9th December 2013

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