Cooking up a breakfast treat

Pupils got a rare bit of advice today whilst learning to make Welsh Rarebit. This week the Royal Alexandra and Albert School was taking part in the campaign to encourage pupils to have breakfast. Year 4 pupils watched a demonstration by teacher Mrs Miller and next week they will make the dish themselves.

At the start of the lesson the pupils were asked how many of them had breakfast that morning. Encouragingly, almost all pupils had had breakfast.

The cookery lesson had a serious side because evidence shows that pupils who have had breakfast perform better at school, they tend to be slimmer and have lower levels of stress. By teaching pupils about new options for the first meal of the day, the School aims to encourage pupils to continue to have breakfast every day in the future.

Food Technology teacher, Mrs Miller said “It is good to teach children about the importance of breakfast because it really can make a difference to their performance at school. The Year 4 class embraced the idea that there are new recipes that you can try at breakfast time and they are looking forward to making Welsh Rarebit themselves next week”

25th January 2013

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