Pupils Send Special Book to the Queen

Junior pupils at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School have produced a very special gift for the Queen on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee. To commemorate her 60 years as monarch, pupils have made a book that includes information about the key events that have taken place during her reign. The book has been beautifully wrapped and sent to the Queen so that it arrives before the anniversary of her coronation on 2nd June.

Pupils aged 8 to 11 were asked to research a topic relating to the Queen and then wrote articles about what they had found out. The various contributions were combined in the book so that all elements of the Queen’s reign were included. Pupils also included some of their favourite photos.

The book includes stories of national importance as well as stories about the Queen’s family. Key events that are included are; the coronation, the Second World War, weddings of the Queen’s children and grandchildren, Princess Margaret, charities supported by the Queen, Prime Ministers during her reign, Royal duties and information about her family.

Teacher Dionne Williams said “As the Jubilee is going to be a big event this year, pupils wanted to do something to commemorate the occasion. They loved researching the various elements of the Queen’s reign and produced some wonderful written work to include in the book. I think they can be very proud of what they have achieved.

“We are going to continue our Jubilee celebrations by having a street party for Junior pupils on the 1st June so the Jubilee will be an unforgettable occasion for the children.”

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