February - A puzzling way to raise the profile of maths

Year 7 pupils at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School had a very puzzling maths lesson this week. It was part of the School’s ‘Happy Puzzle Day’ which was organised by Head of Maths, Miss Moran.

Pupils aged 9 to 13 had the opportunity to solve a number of puzzles which were designed to develop their logical thinking, problem solving and team working skills. The event, which was arranged by the Happy Puzzle Company involved teams completing a range of challenging 3D hands-on puzzles.

Miss Moran commented “The aim of the day is to enhance the profile of maths and at the same time to develop pupils’ skills at logical thinking. Some pupils might be tempted to give up on a task but this exercise teaches them how to persevere and overcome difficulties. It is also good for them to experience solving a problem as part of a team.”

And the puzzles continue into the afternoon with parents invited to join in an afternoon session. “We want parents to be involved, and in these sessions children can share their experiences from the day and build on them with their parents” added Miss Moran.

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