Prep Policy Junior School


  • All students will be expected to read at least 5 times per week and work on their spellings every evening.
  • In addition to this, literacy and mathematics prep will be set during the week. This is to be completed and handed in two days later, to the class teacher.
  • Prep for years 3 and 6 will be set on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Prep for years 4 and 5 will be set Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Quality of Prep

  • The prep should be completed in neat and tidy handwriting.
  • The prep should be of good quality and students should make an effort to complete it as well as possible.
  • Parents, guardians or house staff should sign the prep sheet to indicate that the prep has been checked by them.


  • Reading is encouraged every day for all students. Pupils must read at least 5 times a week.
  • Year 3 and 4 students should be heard reading by parents (Flexi Boarders) or a member of the boarding staff (Boarders). The text should be discussed.
  • Year 5 and 6 students with independent reading level still need parents and boarding staff to motivate them and guide their reading.
  • Pupils should summarise any pages read independently in their reading records.


  • Children will be assigned to an appropriate spelling group and new spellings will be handed out on a Friday when the previous weeks’ words are tested and completion checked by the teacher.
  • Tests will consist of the words set that week and a variety of words from previous weeks so children need to continue practising all spellings.
  • Children are expected to practise their spellings nightly.

Incomplete Prep

  • If prep is incomplete with no reason given by parents/houseparent, children will be required to attend supervised prep during Wednesday lunch time (30 minutes). The objective of this session is to teach children to take responsibility for their work and to help them to develop the skills that will prepare them for independent learning. Also it will allow children to catch up with incomplete work under supervision.
  • Children will also attend supervised prep if the class teacher feels that inadequate effort has been made.
  • A record of pupils attending supervised prep will be kept and if pupils miss their prep 3 times in any given half term, the Head of Department will be informed and parents or house parents will be invited to attend a meeting to discuss the best way to support your child.
  • If for any reason your child is unable to complete their prep please inform the teacher with a brief note.