It is a requirement that all students at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School whose parents live overseas have a guardian in the UK. The role of a guardian is an important one. This may include making travel arrangements, providing accommodation during half terms, relaying information to parents, and coming to the school in case of an emergency. More information regarding a guardian’s role can be found here.

For some families, their nominated guardian will be a relative or friend who lives in the UK. For others, it will be an agency that provides guardianship services.

We advise all parents to think carefully about their chosen guardian, and to ensure, if they choose or need to go through an agency, that they use only reputable guardianship organisations.

The best way to ensure that the agency you use is reputable is to check that it is a member of AEGIS, the Association for the Education & Guardianship of International Students.

You can contact AEGIS on 01453 821293 or email them at Full contact details can be found on their website.