The secondary part of the School, covering the age range 11-16 secondary level, has up to 750 pupils (boys and girls)  in a busy, purposeful structure where pastoral care is managed by Heads of Houses, Heads of School as well as Year Leaders who also watch over each pupil’s progress in all subjects.

There is an extensive range of activities run from 4.00pm Monday to Friday, with other activities programmed through the evening and on weekends.

At GCSE each pupil has personalised targets to ensure they are stretched to the maximum of their ability. There is a high standard of teaching across all subjects and this has led to more pupils achieving the highest grades in public examinations.

As well as the compulsory Maths, English Language, English Literature and the Sciences, GCSE students can choose optional subjects ranging from the traditional academic subjects such as French, Spanish, History and Geography to Business Studies.