Curriculum Introduction 

At the Royal Alexandra and Albert School, we provide all students with a broad, balanced, and well-rounded education. We believe that this is achieved through:

  • A well-sequenced learning journey from age 7 to 18;
  • No curriculum narrowing;
  • Appropriate pathways and a robust assessment system to ensure that all students are motivated, supported and able to achieve;
  • Great teachers with excellent subject knowledge and an ability to communicate the skills and knowledge students need to become life-long learners;
  • A philosophy that education is more than just what happens in the classroom.

Year Group Curriculum Overview

GCSE Options

Learning Journeys

Communication Faculty

Humanities Faculty

Mathematics & Business Faculty

Science Faculty

Sport & Performing Arts Faculty

Technology & Arts Faculty


Additional Information 

  • In addition to following the curriculum, the School aims to instil in pupils Fundamental British Values (FBV), and help them develop spiritually, morality, socially and culturally (SMSC).
  • More information about the National Curriculum can be found here
  • The School's Set Change Protocol can be found here.

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum in the Senior School please contact the Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Office on 01737 649000.