At Royal Alexandra and Albert School, we value the contribution that every child can make and are committed to ensuring the best possible progress for all pupils.

The Enhanced Learning Team seeks to remove barriers to learning in order to ensure the progress of pupils who:

  • have identified special educational needs 
  • are identified as being in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant
  • have English as an additional language

The purpose of the Enhanced Learning Team is to help pupils to acquire the necessary learning skills, independence and confidence to be able to access the curriculum and to achieve their potential in exams.

All SEN policies and reports can be found here.

The Pupil Premium Strategy Report can be found here

The Enhanced Learning Team are:

Mrs E Greer - Director of Inclusion

Ms A Hill - Special Education Needs Co-ordinator 

Ms K Ryan - Lead for Disadvantaged Pupils

Mrs L De Tarnowsky - Enhanced Learning Team Administrator