At the Royal Alexandra and Albert School, we value the contribution that every child and young person can make and are committed to ensuring the best possible school experience for our students.

Achievement, Standards & Inclusion

At the Royal Alexandra and Albert School we aim to support students to thrive and achieve regardless of their starting point or the challenges they may face. Our Achievement, Standards and Inclusion team lead the work of the school in achieving this goal.  

Our inclusion provision focuses on supporting students who experience barriers to learning that exist outside of or in conjunction with SEND. This includes a range of areas such as family circumstances or mental health issues, and our approach is based on the principles of compassion, curiosity and partnership; we believe that every interaction is an intervention.  

Our Director of Inclusion is the Senior Mental Health Lead for the school and works to influence whole school policy and practice. Our mental health and well-being strategy exists to place mental health and well-being at the core of everything we do and to ensure that we provide an environment where everyone feels valued and included. When difficulties do arise, we aim to ensure that support is timely and effective.

The Lead for Disadvantaged Pupils also works within the Achievement Standards and Inclusion Team with the goal of supporting and meeting the needs of these students.  

Our Pupil Premium strategy identifies the additional challenges that some students face during their education and is a plan of action to overcome these barriers, ensuring that they can thrive and achieve.

Contact Details

Mr J Gale - Deputy Head: Achiement, Standards & Inclusion 

Mrs E Greer - Director of Inclusion 

Ms K Ryan - Lead for Disadvantaged Pupils 


The Pupil Premium Strategy Report can be found on the school's Policies page here. 


Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School aims to identify and overcome potential barriers to learning and meet the needs of all SEND students within the school setting. Our SEND provision takes into account the full scope of student support, which begins with the delivery of high quality, whole class teaching. We closely follow the graduated approach.

We value the working relationship with school, home and external agencies in order to ensure all students with SEN can thrive. SEND students are supported in a range of different ways, which are outlined in our SEN policy.

If you feel you child may have a SEN need you may find this website useful.

Contact Details 

Ms L Willighan - SENDCO 

Mrs L De Tarnowsky - SENDCO Administrator 


All SEN policies and reports can be found here.