We are proud of our home-cooked food, which is produced in partnership with Harrison, an independent catering company which has managed our catering services for around eight years.

The Royal Alexandra and Albert School adopts a unique approach to school food. We have a policy of making everything from scratch in our own kitchens with the only exception being that we buy in bread and yoghurts. So rather than have banks of microwaves to reheat food, we create imaginative menus from basic ingredients so, for example, if we make pizzas, we even make the pizza bases.

Making fresh meals for over 1000 students and staff 3 times a day is very labour intensive but we think it is worth it. We have 26 catering staff including many trained chefs who prepare menus that will excite students as well as delivering the nutritional value they need.

Please see the School Food and Healthy Eating policy

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