Aims of Boarding 

The boarding provision at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School defines the nature of the School and makes an exceptional contribution to the overall pastoral care and personal development of all our pupils. Research indicates that boarding can play a major role in providing rich experiences to develop soft skills which are necessary for well rounded adults to live fulfilling and enriching lives. Boarding also has more immediate and tangible effects, raising the level of achievement in academic, sporting, musical, creative and dramatic fields.


Our boarding ethos is one which supports the holistic achievement and welfare of the individual within the close-knit community of each boarding house and the wider boarding community.

For boarders at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School we aim to:  

  • empower them totake ownership of their lives: their academic & pastoral development; their behaviour towards others and their role within our community. 
  • cultivate an attitude of respect for all.  Respect for themselves, for all members of our community and for the environment in which they live. 
  • Encourage them to become aspirational in all aspects of their education; show perseverance and resilience in the challenges that they will face, and to show grit and determination to succeed. 
  • engender honesty & Boarders should face each day with integrity, purpose and a healthy & positive respect. 
  • provide opportunities to contribute to our community.  To be proud Gattonians and feel & experience the value and worth of being part of an inclusive, positive and tolerant community. 

Gatton Aims

The boarding aims link to our Gatton Aims:

Take ownership of our lives 

Respect ourselves, others and the environment

Aspire and persevere

Be courageous and honest

Contribute to our community and to society