The school's Foundation Trustees annually offer a limited number of bursary Foundationer places. For most bursary applicants, this is due to a demonstrable need for boarding, focusing on home circumstances where there is a lack of parental care due to the chronic mental or physical ill health of the parent(s), or severe disability of a sibling affecting family care, or other specific criteria as detailed here. Bursaries are also offered for the children of stipendiary Clergy of the Church of England.

The admissions process for Foundationer places differs from standard admissions. These places are means-tested, with children typically admitted into Year 3 or Year 7; however, exceptions are considered. Interested applicants should contact the Admissions team for details once they have established whether or not they meet the bursary criteria. 

For Year 7 applicants seeking Flexi Boarding, the school provides a limited number of means-tested bursaries for those with a demonstrated need for Flexi Boarding due to a lack of parental care before and after school. Similar criteria apply, and financial assistance is contingent on completing a detailed bursary pack.