Teaching and Learning

All subjects are taught by subject specialists. The schemes of work are planned collaboratively by the department so that all children, regardless of the teacher, have a similar curriculum experience. A wide range of teaching styles is used to cater for the demands of each individual subject as well as the interests and enthusiasms of the students.

Each department is led by a Head of Department who oversees the work of all departmental staff.

In Key Stage 3 prep is set weekly by maths, english, science and MFL. All other subjects set more substantial prep projects on a rota basis throughout the year. In Key Stage 4 prep is set weekly by all subjects. Prep is an integral part of our teaching and learning and all pupils are expected to produce work of their highest standard to the set deadlines.

The progress of all students is tracked and monitored throughout the year. Parents will receive one interim report, one full report and will be invited to one parents evening each year.

All teaching staff expect the highest standards of classroom behaviour so that all can achieve. Recognition is given for effort, application and contribution to the life of the school in a variety of ways including invitations to reward lunches with the Governors. Departmental and school sanctions are imposed if students fail to meet the required standards.