Promoting Positive Behaviour

At RAAS, we have a system of rewards in place to promote the highest expectations of our students. We encourage, praise and reward positive behaviour through a variety of rewards which run through the junior school.

Individual Rewards

At times, praise may be given individually, either verbally or in the form of a sticker. House points are awarded to recognise children who specifically display our Gatton Aims and Upstanding qualities.

Certificates and Celebration Assemblies

Every Friday, children attend a weekly Celebration Assembly. During this assembly, certificates are awarded to children who have demonstrated our school values over the course of the week and have shown a determination to be the best they can be. Certificates may also be given to recognise pupil effort and achievement other curriculum areas.  

Sharing Success with our Senior Leadership Team

Children displaying exemplary behaviour or an excellent attitude to learning will be sent to share this with the Head of Junior School.  

Value Points, Star Badges and Celebration Lunches

Throughout the year, children collect value points or credits which count towards an end-of-term reward lunch. The top 6 in each class will be invited each term to a special celebration lunch in the Dining Hall with the Head of Junior School and other members of the Senior Leadership Team.

Leadership Opportunities

KS2 Learning Ambassadors

The role of the Learning Ambassador is to promote teaching and learning and help our students to be the best learners they can be. 

During the year, the Learning Ambassadors will undertake the following: -

  • Learning Ambassadors are excellent role models, they have good learning attitudes and are able to speak confidently to visitors, staff and governors. 
  • Talk to new and prospective parents about aspects of school life and share what learning looks like from a pupil perspective at RAA.
  • Promote excellent behaviour for learning and encourage each pupil to set high expectations for their learning.
  • Talk to children about their work – what they have enjoyed and what they are proud of.
  • Carry out learning walks with the Head Teacher, School Improvement Partner and the Governors.

Additional Leadership Opportunities

  • Anti-bullying Ambassadors
  • PE / Sport Leaders
  • School Council
  • Eco Team

We pride ourselves here at RAAS to encourage all children from Year 3-Year 6 to be involved in discussing ways to ensure our school is a place where everyone feels safe, respected and valued.

Any child who successfully is included in any of the leadership groups will be given a badge to wear on their blazer. They will attend meetings with other students and staff throughout the year. All leadership positions are for one academic year. Students may reapply for any leadership roles the following year.

Our aim to promote upstanders and to demonstrate the importance of staff and students working together to form a stronger community.