The Sixth Form Non Boarding Package for local students

The main school from Year 3 to Year 11 is all boarding and all pupils are either Boarders or Flexi Boarders, creating one community rather than a split school of Boarders and Day Pupils. Sixth Form boarding accommodation is limited and in great demand so we are unable to offer Flexi Boarding for this age group.

The "Sixth Form Non Boarding Package” is designed for ambitious young adults and offers support for learning as well as increased independence and self-confidence – a real preparation to going away to university.

Students who opt for this package are entitled to use Sunley Sixth Form Centre and the facilities of their attached boarding house from 7.30 am, at break and lunchtime and after lessons until 8.30 pm Monday to Friday and from 8.00 am to midday on Saturdays.  Both the Boarding Houses and Sunley Sixth Form Centre are staffed at those times and help and advice is available.

Lunch is included, as is the evening meal if a student is staying on to study in the evening or take part in evening activities.

Students entitled to Free School Meals will have their places automatically financed and others on low incomes are encouraged to apply for such support. Students who do not opt for the "Sixth Form Package” are entitled to use the Sunley Sixth Form Centre at break and lunchtime only.  They must also bring packed lunches as there is no facility for paying for individual meals in the Dining Hall.