Aims and Expectations

We are committed at Royal Alexandra and Albert School Sixth Form to ensure that every student has the opportunity to discover their talents and develop to their full potential. We have a clear set of aims and expectations that help ensure that your time in the Sixth Form will be not only enjoyable but also successful and provide strong foundations for future success.

Sixth Formers at Royal Alexandra and Albert School aspire to their highest academic ability, show resilience in the face of challenge and value their role in our diverse community.

"Aspire to their highest academic ability”
Sixth Form is an important time in your life. You will be making key decisions about what you want to do and what you want to be when you leave school. Aspire therefore to be the very best you can be and do not settle for anything less than this in your studies. Do not limit your choices but create opportunities through your success.

"Show resilience in the face of challenge”
Sixth Form life is full of academic and personal challenges and you may well find some aspects of it difficult. It is important when faced with such situations that you do not give up but work hard alongside supportive staff to overcome adversity. Do not fear failure but learn from it.

"Value their role in our diverse community”
The Sixth Form is a rich and diverse community that has much to offer to those people who are part of it. Seize upon these opportunities. It is something to be proud of. Do not stand alone but flourish by playing your role in our community. It will then become yours too.

The Sixth Form has clear expectations of its students regarding attendance and punctuality.