The Student Council is an integral part of the Sixth Form community and members are elected by their peers to represent the interests of the Sixth Form student body. The current Council comprises ten Year 12 and 13 students.

The roles and responsibilities of the Council are broad and vary throughout the academic year. In the main they include:

  1. Acting as the Sixth Form student voice - Council members are ‘go to’ people for the Sixth Form student body to communicate ideas to the Sixth Form team. Likewise the Sixth Form team will actively seek the opinion of the Council whenever the views of the students are required.
  2. Organising social events - Council members are responsible for organising social events each term for the Sixth Form students. Events include end of term parties and the Leavers Ball for Year 13 students.
  3. Organising charity events and fundraisers- RAG week takes place in the Spring term and is a huge undertaking for the Council. The event involves running activities every day for a whole week to raise money for charities by getting students, staff and parents involved chosen by the Sixth Form student body.

Student Council achievements this academic year so far include:

  • The organisation and coordination of RAAS’ first ever RAG week, through which we raised an astonishing £2343.36!
  • Working with the School’s Senior Leadership Team to influence Sixth Form policy and development
  • Krispy Kreme donut sales-460 donuts sold in 8 minutes, raising over £300 for charity!
  • The Year 13 Leavers Dinner