GCSE Results 2022

After a summer of waiting, pupils finally received their GCSE results surrounded by friends, families and their teachers. And it turned out to be a morning of happy smiles and many excited hugs!

The School has seen an increase in the top grades being awarded, with 28% of GCSEs graded 9-7. Overall, 80% of GCSEs were graded 9-4. Pupils did particularly well in the Sciences, where the average grade for Physics was an 8, with Biology and Chemistry having an average grade of 7. In Business Studies, French, Music and Geography nearly a third of all GCSEs were graded 9-7.

Benjamin Lehain had a sleepless night worrying about his results, but in the end, it was good news! He achieved 11 GCSEs graded 9-7, and said, “I’m speechless, I wasn’t expecting this. I’m so happy and over the moon with my results.” Benjamin will be staying on for Sixth Form to study Maths, Physics and Geography.

Robin Gurung smiled brightly as he opened his envelope. And with very good reason! Robin confirmed he achieved 9 GCSEs grades 9-7. He said, “This was the best possible outcome, I’m so happy.” Robin will return to the School as a Full Boarder to complete A Levels in Maths, Biology and Chemistry.

Sumayah D’Souza was also very pleased with her results, having achieved 10 GCSEs grades 9-7. The last two years posed many challenges for most pupils across the country, and Sumayah had additional obstacles to overcome. Sumayah joined the school as a Full Boarder in 2020 after moving to the UK, and had to adjust to a new country, and a new education system, as she studied for her GCSEs. Her results are a testament to her hard work, adaptability, and as her mother mentioned, the support of her teachers.

Willem Stapelberg, Deputy Head (Teaching & Learning), said of the strong set of results achieved, “I’m very pleased to see so many of our pupils today open their results with pride, knowing they have put tremendous effort into achieving a set of impressive results.

As a school that focuses on holistic, inclusive education, and welcomes children of all abilities and talents, I want to congratulate every pupil for their determination over the past two years. 

We are looking forward to welcoming many of our pupils back who will be staying with us for A Levels. The Sixth Form team and I will work closely with our pupils, both current and new, to provide grounded support and encourage skyward aspiration for this next exciting chapter of their education. For now, I hope our pupils enjoy their many successes and celebrate with their families today. My congratulations to them once again.”

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