The school Health Centre is a well equipped, self contained, eleven bedded unit. It is staffed by experienced, qualified nurses who provide twenty-four hour cover, seven days a week during term time.


These are very important and it is essential we receive them prior to, or on the day of arrival. Please complete as fully and accurately as you can. It is vital for your child's health and welfare that we know all past and present medical history including allergies, hospital referrals, hospital admissions, hospital treatment, behavioural problems, child guidance referrals, bed wetting etc.

It is important that you provide us with a complete list of vaccinations that your child has received, and that you have signed the relevant consent forms.


In accordance with the school doctor's/nurse's professional obligations, medical information about pupils, regardless of age, will remain confidential. However, in providing medical/nursing care it is recognised that the doctor/nurse may liaise with parents or guardians, the head teacher or other academic staff and that information, ideally with the pupils' consent will be passed on as appropriate. With all matters, the doctor/nurse will respect a pupil's confidence except on the very rare occasions when, to give consent or divulgence, the doctor/nurse considers it in the pupil's best interests, or necessary for the protection of the wider school community, to breach confidence and pass information on to a relevant person or body. 'Medical Officers for Schools association 1998'

All matters will be dealt with confidentially by the Sister-in-Charge. You are welcome to visit the Health Centre at any time. Contact Sister-in-Charge: 01737 649200 or 01737 649201


The Health Centre keeps a supply of a range of 'over the counter' medications, as listed in the new pupils health questionnaire.

All medication brought in to school must be in your child's name, in its original containers, clearly showing the medication's name and expiry date, accompanied by a copy of the prescription or doctor's letter (with a translation if appropriate). You may be asked to take the medication home with you if not supplied correctly.

It should not be necessary for pupils to bring non-prescribed medication in to school, and boarders are not allowed to keep any medication in their rooms, unless approved by the Health Centre. Boarding houses keep a supply of paracetamol and throat sweets should a boarder need medication when the Health Centre is closed.


We do not stock/routinely give out any homeopathic medication. As with all medication brought in to school, it must be in your child's name, supplied in its original containers, clearly showing the medication's name and expiry date. It must be accompanied by a prescription from a registered homeopathic practitioner.


As per the "Health Protection Agency" guidelines, if a child is unwell with diarrhoea and/or vomiting, they should not return to school for 48 hours following the last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting. The Health Centre should be informed if a child has been off school due to diarrhoea and/or vomiting or other contagious illnesses.


All boarders are registered with the School Medical officer, Dr R McGilligan of Holmhurst Medical Centre, Redhill. If your child needs to be seen by a doctor when at home they can visit your family doctor as a temporary resident quoting the school address as their permanent address. Please do not register them. Doctor Rachel McGilligan visits the school once a week on a Tuesday morning. Pupils can also have appointments made at Holmhurst Medical Centre, where there is choice of male or female GPs.

Travel immunisations
If your child requires any vaccinations for travel, please give plenty of notice to the Health Centre so that they can be organised in time. There may be a charge for some travel vaccinations.

Dental treatment
Please arrange routine dental checks, treatment and orthodontic work during school holidays.

Please arrange routine checks during the holidays.

Please note that we can only provide escorts to local health services. You will be charged for any transportation and escort services. If your child has to attend an appointment further afield, you must collect and take your child yourself or arrange for a guardian to do so.

Day of Arrival
After settling your child in the house, you are welcome to bring your child to the Health Centre if you have anything you wish to discuss. We will call all pupils over during their first term here for a brief medical.