Dress Code

Sixth Formers should take pride in their school and themselves. They should look smart and presentable at all times. Students should dress in formal business wear. Students have a choice which can be made from the following:

  • A business-style suit or smart trousers (no chinos) with a suit jacket
  • A skirt, business-style dress with a suit jacket
  • Tailored trouser only: no chinos, jeans, leggings or stretched trousers
  • Collared shirt, a smart blouse, or top (including polo-neck jumpers)
  • Full-length neck tie
  • Optional jumper or cardigan in a fine weave (plain, v neck, no sweatshirt material)
  • Black or brown sensible, formal shoes. No trainers or boots. Sensible heels may be worn
  • Hoodies are not permitted. Jumpers with logos may not be worn

Sixth Form games afternoon:

  • Black hoodie with school logo.
  • Black polo shirt with the school logo.
  • Black shorts / tracksuit bottoms.
  • Girls may wear running leggings.
  • Appropriate clothes for rugby may be worn.


  • Coats, hats and scarves must be removed on entering the school buildings.
  • Earrings should be studs and students should have no more than one piercing in each lobe.
  • Jewellery related to sincere religious observance may be worn.
  • Any nasal or other facial piercing must be removed
  • Students may have facial hair, but it should be kempt.
  • All students should remain in uniform all day including study periods and time in boarding houses.
  • No extreme hairstyles are permitted in terms of cut or colour.

The final decision in relation to the Dress Code rests with a member of the Sixth Form team.