The move from primary to secondary secondary school will be a big change for your child. Whether your child is already a pupil in our Junior School or they are joining in Year 7, we aim to make their transition as smooth as possible.  

We have had to cancel Induction events this year due to Coronavirus so we are putting in place various opportunities for parents and children to find out more about the school and our staff. The items below will give you and your child more information about the school and will help your family prepare for Year 7. We have added a number of videos from our staff, and you can watch these by clicking on the red camera icons. 

Welcome from Head of Yr 7 & Head of Middle School

When your child starts at the School, as well as their tutors and Heads of House, your child will be supported by their Head of Year and the Head of Middle School. They will guide your child through their first year of secondary school, making sure that they are happy, settled in and on target. You can see their welcome videos below. 


Mr Brown

Head of Middle School


Miss Pearson

Head of Year 7

Boarding Houses

Each child is allocated a boarding house prior to their start at the school. Wether your child is a full boarder or a flexi boarder, their Head of House will be one of their first points of contact for all pastoral matters. The School now has a vertical house system; your child will remain in the same boarding house throughout their time at the school. 


Miss T Gladstone

Head of Alexandra House

(Girls' House age 11-18)


Mrs L Love

Head of Cornwall House

(Girls' House age 11-18)


Mrs A Beer

Head of Elizabeth House

(Girls' House age 11-16)


Mr B Maddox

Head of Albert House

(Boys' House age 11-16)


Mr O Dyson

Head of Edinburgh House

(Boys' House age 11-16)


Mr J Maynard

Head of Gloucester House

(Boys' House age 11-18)


Mr T Mayhew

Head of Kent House

(Boys' House age 11-18)


Mr J Stafford 

Head of Rank Weston 

(Boys' and Girls' House age 7-11)

The Extended Team

Your child will not only be supported by their teachers, they will also be looked after by a our support teams. The extended team support your child to have a positive learning experience and enjoy being part of our Gatton community. 


Mrs Baker

School Office Manager


Miss Alexander

Learning Coach



Mrs Newey

Health Centre Manager

Mr Gale

Deputy Head - Boarding & Pastoral

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Stafford

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Parent Information Booklet

The booklet below will answer many of the questions you may have as you prepare for your child to join the School. The booklet includes information such as:

  • Financial Details
  • Uniform List
  • Personal Clothing
  • Health Centre
  • Horse Riding & Music
  • Photography & Use of Video
  • School Rules

The New Pupil Information Booklet can be found HERE.

Webinars for Parents

Our staff have put together a number of webinars for parents about different aspects of our school. You can find these here. The webinars below are particularly relevant if your child is joining Year 7 as a new starter:

 Year 7 Transition

Year 7 Transition


Boarding Life

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