For applicants in Year 3 to Year 9 in September 2020
In response to the Covid19 crisis we are introducing the option of Weekly Boarding for the children of front-line NHS and care home workers, where the child joins the School in Year 3 – Year 9 in September 2020.   This is a more affordable version of the current Full Boarding option, with the price reduction to make it more accessible to people who really need it due to their caring roles. Weekly Boarding is designed for families who would not otherwise be able to access boarding and is therefore only open to applicants who are not already Full Boarders.

Weekly Boarders will stay in boarding from Sunday evening until Saturday after school, and will go home before lunch on Saturday.  They can then have quality time with their parents at the weekend.  Weekly Boarding is a good option for parents who are struggling to combine caring for children, with a demanding job caring for patients or vulnerable people.

Only £1,200/month
Weekly Boarding will be offered to applicants who start in Year 3-9 in the Autumn Term 2020.  It will be available to children whose parents need Weekly Boarding due to their work caring for the sick, elderly or infirm.  Currently boarding fees are payable termly, but for Weekly Boarding we have introduced monthly payment with a cost of only £1,200 a month.

How to apply
If you would like to apply for Weekly Boarding for your child, please complete an online application for a Full Boarding place and email Admissions@gatton-park.org.uk to say you are applying for Weekly Boarding.   You should attach evidence from your employer showing that at least one parent is directly caring for patients or care home residents. 

Please note Weekly Boarding is only available to applicants who have a need due to their employment in the front-line of the NHS or a care home, and the child is not already in boarding.  Once a child has joined as a Weekly Boarder they can remain a Weekly Boarder until they leave the School.  Weekly Boarding is only available to pupils who join the School in September 2020.  The Admissions Committee of the Governing Body will make decisions about eligibility for Weekly Boarding. 

If you have any questions about Weekly Boarding please contact admissions@gatton-park.org.uk.