Music and Sports Scholarships

The Royal Alexandra and Albert School is introducing Music and Sports Scholarships for September 2020 entry. 

These scholarships are open to boarders joining in Year 7, Year 9 and Year 12, and also Year 12 Non Boarders.

Successful boarding applicants will be given a £1,000 reduction in the annual fees, and successful Year 12 Non Boarding applicants will receive a £500 annual reduction. Successful applicants will also receive specialist support during their time at the School in their specialist sport or musical instrument.

If you would like to apply for one of these scholarships for your child, please complete the application form and return it, with supporting documents, to the Admissions Office as soon as possible.

An application form can be found here.

The deadline for Year 7 and Year 9 scholarship appplications is 20th January 2020, and the deadline for Year 12 applications is 6th March 2020. 

Scholarships for Year 7 and Year 9 were allocated in January however, due to the impact of Covid19, we have reopened applications for Sixth Form scholarships.  Please contact Fiona Newport ( for more details.

Once your application has been received, your child will be invited to attend an Assessment Day. The Year 7 and Year 9 Assessment Day will be held on 27th January, and the Year 12 Assessment Day will be on 13th March. 

More information about Music and Sports Scholarships can be found here and here 

Sixth Form Leadership Scholarships

Sixth Form scholarships are available for applicants who show leadership potential.

Every on-time applicant (applied by 15th November 2019) will be assessed for leadership potential. Those applicants with the highest scores will be offered a scholarship. Interviews will be held from November 2019 to March 2020, and scholarship offers will be made after that date. 

For Full Boarding applicants, the scholarship is £2,000 off the annual boarding charges.  Applicants for the Non Boarding Package receive 100% reduction in charges.  There is no means testing – scholarships are awarded purely on the basis of our assessment of the applicant’s leadership potential.

To apply for a place in the Sixth Form, please complete the Sixth Form application form which can be found here