Sixth Form scholarships

Sixth Form scholarships were introduced for September 2017 entry. 10 scholarships were available for applicants who showed leadership potential.

Applicants are assessed for leadership potential during their interview. Those applicants with the highest scores are offered a scholarship.  If there is a particularly strong field of applicants, the Headmaster will consider offering more than 10 scholarships.

For Full Boarding applicants the scholarship is £2,000 off the annual boarding charges.  Applicants for the Non Boarding Package receive 100% reduction in charges.  There is no means testing – scholarships are awarded purely on the basis of our assessment of the applicant’s leadership potential.

Please note Sixth Form scholarships will be reviewed for September 2018.

Scholarships for entry into boarding in Year 7 or Year 9

The Royal Alexandra and Albert School offers academic and sporting scholarships to pupils of outstanding merit who are admitted as full boarders into Year 7 or Year 9 at the start of the academic year.

There will be four 'Major' (£300) and four 'Minor' (£100) scholarships awarded each academic year. Academic scholarships will be awarded to pupils who perform well in an academic test.  Sporting scholarships will be awarded to pupils who demonstrate real ability and further potential in Rugby, Netball or Hockey and achieve a satisfactory level in an academic test. The split between academic and sporting scholarships will vary each year according to the quality of the applications received.

Applying for a Scholarship
Applications for scholarships should be submitted by mid December before the September of planned admission.  Application Form

Scholarship assessments will be held in January. All scholarship applicants will have an interview and an academic test.  Those applying for a sporting scholarship will have a sports assessment in addition to the interview and academic test.  Applicants will be advised of the outcome of these tests in February.

Key dates for admission in September 2017 are:
Apply by Monday 12th December 2016
Entrance tests and interviews will be held in January 2017

The scholarships will take the form of a one-off reduction on the first term's invoice for charges.

Applying for a boarding place
The process of applying for a scholarship is separate from the process of applying for a boarding place. All scholarship applicants should also submit a standard boarding application form.