Jul 09 - Skipping to Fitness

On Tuesday 7th July 2009 skipping arrived in a big way at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School in Reigate. The entire junior school attended a skipping workshop in the sports hall as part of an initiative to promote fitness through skipping.

The workshop was held by Harold Galley from Skipping Workshops – an organisation that promotes skipping throughout the country especially to children. It started with a skipping demonstration from champion skippers, Lisa-Marie Caplin and Jamie Pettit. Mr Galley then showed pupils how to skip in a variety of different ways including, in twos, threes, long lines, backwards, forwards and like a train! The children applied themselves energetically to all the different methods and shrugged off the odd tangled rope.

Skipping is not only good for general fitness but, when working in groups or pairs, children learn about teamwork and cooperation. As a regular activity, skipping can improve fitness and behaviour, and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Head of the Junior Department, Dr Ines Salman said “As a School we are always looking at ways to keep children active and they had a fantastic time at the workshop. Skipping is great for keeping fit within PE lessons as well as in the playground. In fact I have ordered skipping ropes for pupils to use in the playground.”

Headmaster Paul Spencer Ellis commented “As a Sports College we take great pride in the fact that we exceed the required curriculum time for PE and it is great to offer a sport that is so versatile that it can be enjoyed outside of school too.”

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