Feb 09 - Demand for places at an all time high

Demand for places at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School has reached an all time high this year. With 6 applications for every Year 7 place competition is fierce but places are allocated primarily on the basis of location, with the nearest having the best chance of securing a place. As a sports college, up to 14 places are allocated on the basis of sporting potential so, for a lucky few there is the chance of a place, even if they live some distance from the School.

Pupils hear on 3rd March whether their application for their chosen school has been successful. It can be a difficult time for parents if they are not successful so the Royal Alexandra and Albert School has created a ‘Don’t Panic’ guide which gives details of the options open to parents. This is available on the School’s website.

Headmaster Paul Spencer Ellis said “Since our Ofsted inspection in June where we were judged to be Outstanding, interest in this School has soared. We now have enquiries from parents with children at independent schools in addition to the continuing interest from parents at local primary schools.

”In the last few years, the School has had to introduce new measures to ensure that people don’t try and circumvent the proximity criteria by pretending to live at a different address. It is understandable that parents, who want the best for their children, will try different strategies to get them into the school of their choice. However, if they adopt this approach, they deny a child who lives near the school a place at their local school.”

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