Feb 09 - Snowed in, but lessons continue

The Royal Alexandra and Albert School is open today (Tuesday 3rd February). With over 400 boarders on site it’s business as usual as far as possible for this state boarding school in Reigate. Being situated in 260 acres of parkland on top of a hill is wonderful when the weather is good but snow and ice have made access roads to the school impassable so the school has been effectively cut off since Sunday night.

Catering staff have done their best to deliver warm and balanced meals for the pupils and staff that are on site and have had to take some fairly drastic measures to get the food in.

The children have made the most of the snow. The number of trays in the dining hall has mysteriously fallen whilst at the same time pupils can be seen zooming down the hillsides on ‘sledges’.

Most but not all pupils from the local area who would normally attend the school as day boarders have been unable to get to school. Despite this, the school has run lessons for the 60% of pupils who are boarders and a small number of day boarders.

Headmaster Paul Spencer Ellis said ‘I am full of admiration for the staff at the school who have kept the show on the road in these very difficult conditions’.

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