General election Labour candidate visit

The Headmaster of the Royal Alexandra and Albert School is keen for pupils to engage with democracy so they understand how their vote will make a difference to their future.  To this end, following the announcement of the General Election, the Headmaster invited parliamentary candidates from all the main parties to meet senior pupils in an assembly. 

The first to visit was Susan Gregory who used the visit to formally announce that she is standing as the parliamentary candidate for the Labour Party.   RAAS pupils were some of the first to hear this news.

On 8th November, Ms Gregory spoke to pupils in the assembly and then went to a Government and Politics class where she was asked detailed questions about her policies.

Headmaster, Mark Dixon said “I am delighted Ms Gregory was able to join us this morning and that she chose this school as the venue to announce her candidacy.  Pupils listened intently to her speech about democracy and the policies of the Labour Party.  It has given them plenty of food for thought, and they can compare the Labour policies with those of other parties when they visit in the next few weeks.”

The Royal Alexandra and Albert School is in the Reigate parliamentary constituency.

8th November 2019

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