Headmaster's Hot Paint Pur-suit

The end of the summer term is a happy time for pupils at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School.  They have completed another year of study and can look forward to the long summer holiday. 

The last week of term at RAAS is 'Explore week' where pupils take part in a number of activities around the 260 acres of Gatton Park, or further afield.  A highlight for the last two years has been the 'Colour Run' where pupils raise money for charity by completing a 2.5k run around the park, and at various points during the run, they are covered in powdered paint.  At the end of the course is a 'slip and slide' where pupils slide down a hill getting covered in even more paint.  Messy.  But a lot of fun!

One person who got a bit carried away this year, was the Headmaster.  After watching pupils prepare excitedly for the run, he decided to join in.  Unfortunately he had been in meetings during the day and was still in his suit. 

As he ran round the 2.5k course, his suit got covered in more and more paint.   Pupils were delighted that their Headmaster had joined in the fun. 

Mark Dixon, Headmaster said "The Colour Run is a great way of keeping fit whilst raising money.  Pupils love being outdoors with their friends getting covered in paint and I just couldn't resist joining in!  It was a bit hot running in a suit so I had to walk some of the distance, but I managed to complete the course.  I'm not sure my suit will ever recover though!"

There is a serious side to all this.  Pupils were raising money for the charity Challengers, who provide inclusive play and leisure activities for disabled children and young people.  One of the young people who accesses the services of Challengers was at the Colour Run, and he loved seeing pupils having such a good time to support Challengers.  The atmosphere was fantastic and despite the noise and bustle of 500 pupils taking part in the run, he loved every minute of it.

Mr Dixon said "Pupils raised £4,700 for Challengers and this money will make a huge difference to young people who benefit from their work.  I am proud that so many pupils from this school chose to support the charity by participating in the Colour Run."

08 July 2019

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