Dec 08 - Junior Christmas Play

Audiences were transported to the North Pole in the Christmas production by junior school pupils at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School “When Sasha got sucked up the Chimney”.

Sasha (Emily Morgan) got sucked up the chimney with fellow orphans Milly (Matilda Castrey), Will (Cameron Moorcroft) and Harriet (Katie Wells). Chimney Sweep, Tom (Ali Gladwin) accompanied by his fellow chimney sweeps energetically took the children to the North Pole were they met an assortment of animals including penguins. Comedy was provided by the Tooth Ache Fairy (Katie Taylor) and the Tooth Fairy (Tyler Owens) and the Junior School provided a wonderful chorus.

Headmaster Paul Spencer Ellis said “The children gave a very entertaining performance which delighted the audience. Their professionalism and commitment is to be admired.”

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