Leatherhead Drama Festival

On Thursday May 9th the Drama department were very busy, they were taking five exceptionally hard working young practitioners to the ‘Leatherhead Drama Festival’. One of the biggest one act drama festivals in the country.

They performed ‘Play-Time’ a new play by RAAS Drama which caused absolute delight for the audience and the adjudicator alike. The actors: Stanley Cubbage, Kent Patel, Olivia McCombie, Olivia Turner and Zoe Leuschke performed so wonderfully that they were described as “performing so well it was like they were one actor”. They audience engaged with this piece throughout; cheering, applauding and laughing at every well-rehearsed intricate detail added to this astonishing piece of theatre.

The adjudicator of the festival spoke to the audience about each performance at the end of the show and described RAAS Dramas performance, directed by Mr Phillips as “A gem of a performance” and went on to say it was “Excellently directed” along with describing two of the scenes performed as “absolutely beautiful”.

Members of the public also expressed their delight, erupting into applause when the show finished and again expressing their love of the performance when the cast and crew took their seats in the theatre by flocking them with a round of applause and continuous praise. A member of the Leatherhead Festival spoke of the performance fondly saying “I don’t think anyone watched that piece without a smile on their face”.

The performance was technically supported by Jake Bendall and Luca Holden who put on a flawless technical display and were professional from start to finish.

The performance will be revived at the school for the last time on June 25th as a part of the RAAS Drama Festival. So if you want to see a wonderful take on Brexit, Trump and serious people. Do email boxoffice@gatton-park.org.uk!

13th Mary 2019

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