We've Gone Quackers!

We’ve gone quackers and chirpy with excitement over two new additions to our School!

During Science Week, the Science Department have been busier than usual – not only were normal lessons taking place, but in one classroom, the tiny squeaks of ducklings and the quiet ‘aws’ from pupils could be heard.

In a first for the School, six duck eggs were delivered to be incubated on site. One by one, small cracks started appearing on each egg and adorable fluffy yellow ducklings emerged. To our pupils’ great excitement, they could clearly watch the ducklings eat, drink, sleep and interact with other each other.  For our Year 3 class, they delighted in being able to get up close and touch the ducklings.

The ducklings’ stay with the Science Department is brief and only lasts ten days, after which they will return to their original farm in Kent where they will be pasture reared, along with other hatchlings, in a low intensity farm.  

This has been a wonderful experience for pupils and they have learnt a lot about a duckling’s life!

Other, more full-time residents have also joined the School. As part of the Gatton Farm club, eight chickens have now moved into their new spacious coop by the School allotments.

The Gatton Farm club will allow students to learn more about chickens, how to look after them ethically and ensure that they have a healthy life. Of course, they will also enjoy the fruits of their labour – fresh eggs!

Not only will pupils learn elements of animal husbandry with the chickens – most of whom are still waiting to be named – they will also learn about the responsibility of owning an animal and also about effort and hard work. Although the club is starting small, Mr Radford and Mr Fitzpatrick, who are leading the club, have great plans to expand.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for the club and how our pupils will have more opportunities to learn fantastic skills outside the classroom.

01 March 2019

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