Shakespeare goes really wrong... but that's the point.

On January 18th 2019, the Royal Alexandra and Albert School’s Drama department (RAAS DRAMA) showed just how fun Shakespeare really is with their comedy performance of ‘Butchering the Bard’. Written and directed by Year 12 student Manuela Perez Gomez, assisted by Mr Phillips and Mr Shea.

A play full of mischief, ridiculous jokes and physical humour. The talented cast put on a wonderful performance, which saw some of Shakespeare’s most famous scenes intentionally ruined much to the audience’s rapturous applause. The performance featured ruined scenes from; Romeo & Juliette, Anthony & Cleopatra, Macbeth and Twelfth Night to name a few, had the crowd roaring with delight at this clever piece of funny theatre. Jason Munyawiri lead the show in the role of ‘Crazed director’ with a rousing performance and along with the rest of the cast developed wonderful characters for this one time only masterpiece.

Director and writer Manuela Perez said, “The idea came from Mr Philips back in September, and when he told me he wanted to make a mess of Shakespeare, I was totally up for it!” This was the first time the Drama department allowed a student to take the reins on a performance and Manuela did not disappoint! It was a well-deserved ovation for the cast and crew at the shows end.

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21 January 2019

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