Introducing the Global Leader Award

How do you measure success? When it comes to a Sixth Form, clearly getting good academic results is important, but it’s about more than that. 

At the Royal Alexandra and Albert School we believe in equipping students with the skills they will need to achieve their goals in life.  This includes getting good academic results and the social and emotional skills to cope with the challenges they will face as adults.  We aim to support students in the development of the leadership skills that are so important in all walks of life, be it in the workplace or in the wider community.

That’s why we have created the Global Leader Award.  This unique award provides a framework for Year 12 students to develop important life skills alongside their academic studies.  It is split into four sections; Leadership, Careers and University, Academic Enrichment and Global Citizenship.  Students build up credits for each element of the programme and these contribute to the level of award they achieve in Year 13.

Many of this country’s top independent schools offer similar programmes because they recognise how important it is to provide opportunities for students to acquire a broad range of skills.  Students work on the Global Leader Award in their study times or their own personal time so they have to learn how to set priorities.  They are supported by the Sixth Form team who will encourage and guide them to make the most of the programme.

Jo Czerpak, Deputy Head Teacher (Co-Curriculum and Community) said “This course is carefully designed to work in conjunction with the academic and pastoral elements of Sixth Form life, giving worthwhile opportunities for students to extend themselves.  As a result they will be better prepared for life as adaptable and resilient Global Citizens. ”

17th May 2018

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