The Poorly Written Play

On Thursday 10th May, a group of performers and backstage technicians from the Royal Alexandra and Albert School attended the Leatherhead Drama Festival.

The Festival is currently in its 15th year and is the biggest amateur dramatics festival of its kind in the country. The group of eight pupils performed a piece titled ‘The Poorly Written Play’, which is a performance about a group of people who are looking for the worst play of all. In an ironic turn of events, in their search, the group perform the world’s worst play.

The actors portrayed their characters excellently, giving performances that were exaggerated and energetic. The audience were in stitches!  The adjudicator of the competition commented, “with this type of play, you have to get it right. And they absolutely did.”

Pupils did a wonderful job bringing to life a difficult play and represented the School very well. The adjudicator gave great feedback on the performance and individual actors. The adjudicator said of Fraser in 7MZH, “for such a young actor, he commands the stage excellently”. Fraser has been nominated for a Best Junior Actor Honourable mention.

Congratulations to all the actors on their outstanding performances and the technicians for their contribution to the success of the production.

17 May 2018

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