Talented Katie-Jos Two Hundred Trophies

The proud parents of 12 year old Katie-Jo Willcox will have to invest in a bigger trophy cabinet soon.  That’s because Katie-Jo, a pupil at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School has just won her 200th trophy for dancing. 

Katie-Jo, who attends NVision Dance School, regularly competes in dance competitions around the country and has notched up over 200 trophies so far.  And her collection is growing fast.  That’s because she keeps performing so well in competitions in solos, pairs and rock &roll/street dance/contemporary. 

Katie-Jo who is already dancing at ‘Champ’ level and regularly wins in competitions with dancers older than her, wants to work in musical theatre or dance when she grows up.   She recently auditioned along with 100 other hopefuls for a part in the Leatherhead pantomime and was one of 20 children chosen.  She will soon start a hectic schedule of rehearsals.   

Katie-Jo’s singing talent has also been recognised.  She will be taking part in the ‘Voice in a Million’ concert in Wembley in March and was one of 50 lucky children chosen from 750 hopefuls, to be in the choir on stage. 

All this success is the result of the hours of practice and the commitment that Katie-Jo puts in.  She said “You have to train really hard at least 2 times a week and sometimes on Saturdays too.  You need to focus on good posture, pointing your toes and sharp movements in your arms.  I am working hard on my singing and dancing as I know you need to be good at both to work in the West End or on TV.”

Yvonne Willcox, Katie-Jo’s mother said “I would like to thank the staff at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School for all they do to support Katie-Jo. She has grown in confidence and maturity since joining the school last year. Mrs Beer, Mrs West and Mr Edney have helped her to progress in the areas she loves - music and dancing, and she has made huge strides academically too."

Headmaster Mark Dixon said “Katie-Jo has done really well to achieve so much with her singing and dancing.  I would like to wish her every success in the panto and in her other music and dance performances.”

10th October 2017

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