Cadet Promotions

Three Surrey Army Cadets in the Royal Alexandra and Albert School detachment were promoted on 21st September.  This was in recognition of their service to Cadets and the work they had put in as part of their training. 

Cadet Lance Corporal Scarlett Millar was promoted to Cadet Corporal.  Cadet Rhett Lawrence and Cadet Alex Tribelnig were promoted to Lance Corporal.   Detachment Commander, Sgt Raymond said “These cadets have shown great commitment to the Army Cadets, they regularly attend parade nights and training weekends, sporting events and community activities.  They are an asset to the detachment and an inspiration to their junior cadet peers.” 

15 year old Cpl Scarlett Millar is now the highest ranking cadet in the detachment.  She explained the tasks the cadets undertook to earn their promotions “We did drill training, rifle drill, first aid, expeditions and work in the community.  The training can be hard, especially the field exercises during the 2-week annual camp.  I have decided I want a career in the Army as a physiotherapist so this is good training.”

Headmaster Mark Dixon said “Many of our boarders have parents in the armed services and the School has always had a strong connection with uniformed services.  The pupils in our cadet detachment are learning skills that will serve them well in the future and I am pleased to see that Scarlett, Alex and Rhett are being recognised for their commitment to the cadets.” 

26th September 2017

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