An Orchestra of Mountains and Planets

On Monday, forty pupils at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School experienced what it would be like to play in an orchestra. Pupils who play an orchestral instrument were involved in Orchestra Day, an event organised to give pupils the opportunity to perform and rehearse with an orchestra.

Orchestra Day started with pupils splitting into two groups, one strings and the other wind. The groups were led by dedicated teachers who were able to give pupils further guidance and tips on how to improve their instrumental and orchestral skills whilst learning two pieces to perform later. Cello teacher, Rose Toms, arranged both pieces, creating easy, medium and advanced parts, to cater for all abilities.

After much practice, the day culminated in a short concert for parents and staff. Pupils’ performance of two popular pieces, The Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg and Jupiter from the Planet Suite by Gustav Holst, was warmly received by the audience.

Headmaster, Paul Spencer Ellis, commented on the day, “Our pupils spent a whole day immersed in music. Orchestra Day wasn’t simply about our pupils performing in a concert; it gave our musically talented pupils the opportunity to take part in a day dedicated solely to music, where they could work together, improve their skills, and delve deeper into a piece of music than they might have done before. They all worked very hard and their efforts paid off in a wonderful concert.”

27 January 2016

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