Freaky Food and Fearsome Frights - It's Halloween Night!

Pupils at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School had a spooktacular Halloween.

It was a Halloween nightmare in the School’s dining hall where pupils enjoyed a bewitching dinner. Gory decorations and atmospheric fog transformed the usually brightly lit dining hall into a haunted house full of spooky surprises.

Usually the evening meal is mainly attended by boarders, but many of the school’s Flexi Boarders chose to stay for the evening so they could experience the ghostly delights and spooky surprises of the Halloween spectacular.

Molly McGivern, a Year 8 Flexi Boarder, loved the Halloween evening. “The dining hall looked amazing and very scary. My favourite decoration was the masked man inside the cage who popped out when you were going past. The food was really good, too.”

Although pupils were tricked as they entered the dining hall, the food was a real treat. The main meal was hot chili con carne and large tacos, and pupils loved the boo-tiful and edible food art, including a scary pizza, mini banana graveyard, finger kebabs, and a bloody looking tomato sauce.

Mr Barny Cross, Executive Chef Manager, said of the evening, “It was a great night enjoyed by the Catering team and staff members, but most importantly the students. It was fantastic to see so many smiling people and a real pleasure to be a part of it.”

To set the theme for the evening, the School’s chefs and other members of the catering team from Harrison Catering Services dressed up as creepy Halloween characters to frighten pupils as they entered. There was a dead man in a coffin who suddenly came alive, a roaming corpse, and a caged man who often sprung free!

Pupils couldn’t be sure if the body they were looking at was real, or a dummy, until it jumped up and surprised them! Despite this pupils did not lose their appetites and tucked into the hearty Halloween feast.

Headmaster Mr Spencer Ellis thought the spooky evening was a hit with pupils and staff, “Our pupils were delighted to have such a terrific Halloween celebration on their first day back to school after half-term. Our Catering team have outdone themselves with their latest themed evening and brought Halloween to life.”

03 November 2015

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